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Quality Management System


DIV Ltd. fasteners factory Quality Management System includes organization, processes and resources with clearly clarified responsibility for each activity.

Process approaches

The Main processes of the company: 


Support Processes:
  • Design and construction,
  • Maintenance of infrastructure
  • Information System,
  • Human Resource Management,
  • Purchasing and supervision of suppliers,
  • Measuring and testing the product,
  • Control of Measuring and testing equipment,
  • Control of nonconforming product
  • Finance, accounting,
  • General and Legal Requirements
  • Safety at work
  • Environment Management


Planning goals and objectives
Responsibilities and authorities,
Internal audit,
Corrective and preventive actions,
Monitoring, Measurement and analysis of process

Shared Documents:

Control of documents and records,


Documents of quality management system
In addition to the Rules, the DIV group developed the documentation in 5 levels, including:

  • Quality Manual,
  • Quality Management System Procedures,
  • Documents of external origin,
  • Working instructions, instructions for storage and packaging, technical and technological documentation,
  • Quality records


In the documents of external origin, the organization has built and maintains a database of international standards (customers and industry standards) ISO, ED, DIN, etc.


Human Resources

Human resources are the most important factor and the basis of quality DIV Ltd. fastener factory.

As a result of good personnel policies we grow rapid development and success in business largely. Great importance is placed on motivating employees to achieve the best results and training. The quality of the work, creativity and efficiency of employees directly maintains the competitiveness and continuous improvement of operations.

For all the jobs required level of general and skilled trade qualifications is gained through education or special training programs.



The Company has recognized the need to provide appropriate infrastructure including machinery, equipment and buildings, as well as the necessary support - energy, transportation.

As a special form of recognition is IT environment that is included in all processes and become the frame of control processes.


Communication with the customer


In communication with the customer we are trying to identify customer needs and customer assistance in specifying requirements in accordance with the applicable requirements and standards.



Basic production material - steel - supplied by proven world-famous suppliers with quality certificates EN 10204, 3.1.

Production and services


Production takes place according to the technical and technological documentation in a programming environment such as ORACLE Based. To produce quality product the necessary quality control plans are made as required. Quality Control is performed in planned stages of production and quality control, the results are recorded, unique identification and traceability is maintained for each products.


In production we use a variety of classical and NC / CNC machining lines for the production of screw machine products, lines for heat treatment of steel, chemical protection (hot dip galvanizing and electroplating), machines for cutting sheet metal, welding, cold working, etc..


A typical process of producing screws: raw materials inlet control, wire/rod preparation of by blasting / dry cleaning, phosphating,  wire drawing, forging & rolling & machining of bolts / nuts, heat treatment, surface protection, packaging, delivery.


Measuring and test equipment


Measurements are performed by calibrated or verified measuring equipment. This allows us to constant monitoring via calibration of measuring equipment for accredited organizations and verifications by our own employee. For the measurement process only validated or verified measurement equipment is used.

Using of our measuring equipment database and information regarding status of calibration and / or verification of each instrument  provides us with information about the status and automatically warns the approaching deadline for re-calibration.


Measurement, analysis and improvement


The Company measures and analyzed the key processes (KPI) at regular basis.

In addition, the company recognized the need for specific statistical techniques used for monitoring and measurement of products and processes, such as SPC, FMEA, etc. ppap.


Monitoring and measurement of product

Quality control is an integral part of the Quality Management System, which corresponds directly to the Member of the Board and is not exposed to other functions. The quality of products and services is tested in accordance to written procedures, instructions and control plans that include the type and extent of control, based on technical documentation, national and international standards, customer requirements or other specific quality requirements. All mentioned above corresponding with quality records. Appropriate certificated in accordance with EN 10204, 2.1, 2.2, 3.1, and at the request of the customer 3.2 is issued.


In order to ensure specified requirements Quality control uses a variety of testing techniques:

  • Measurement of dimensions and shape by conventional measuring tools,
  • Measurement of dimensions and shape by 3D FARO measuring devices,
  • Testing of mechanical properties: of Rm, RP0, 2/Re, A, Z, toughness, hardness (HV, HRc, HB), carburizing / decarburisation, in accordance with ISO 898-1, ISO 898-2 and other reference for these investigations,
  • Measurement of coating thickness on metal substrates – Zn thickness (zinc, electrolytic).


Quality control participate in the input control raw material control at all stages of production, preparation of records for final control, issuing of test records and certificates in accordance with EN 10204, 2.1, 2.2, 3.1, and at the request of the customer 3.2.





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