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DIV group with more than 120 years of tradition and currently one of the leading screws factory in Europe with operations at eight locations in six countries and more than 1000 employees in the group. Constant investments in capacity expansion and new technology, the company is still developing, and plans further growth. The central location of the headquarters is in Samobor, which is also the production sites specialized in production of screw element method of cold and hot forging, especially by special requirements of customers. Because of the demands of the market production program was expanded to the production machine elements especially for agricultural mechanization.

Currently the largest production site is the facility in Knin (former factory screws TVIK) with 50 years of tradition, specialized in mass production of screw elements by method of cold forging.



DIV Ltd. is the owner of the companies that together make up affiliation DIV, and operate under the following names:


MIN-DIV Svrljig a.d. Serbia, the production company with a long tradition railway manufacturer of accessories for rail, light rail manufacturer of machinery, parts for splint vehicles, light forging to 700g, standard bolt and nut, the maximum length of screws up to 1.500mm, and bolt and nut by the special requirements of customers.

TVIK-DIV d.o.o. Valjevo, Serbia, is equipped with 40-odd machines for cold forging, turning, and storage space for more than 2.000 pallet positions, and trade commercially operated for the territory of Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro.

DIV-TVIK d.o.o. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with warehouse space of 1.000 pallet positions in Sarajevo, and 3.600 pallet places in the high warehouse in Konjic, commercial sales works for the area of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

DIV d.o.o. - Slovenia, Obrežje, Jesenice na Dolenjskem, subsidiaries which started with work 2008. year




In addition, the Missions:



  • DIV - Germany, in Hagen, Germany;
  • DIV - France, in Lille, France; covering the markets listed countries, while other markets (Europe, Asia, Africa and America) take in the sector of commercial transaction in Samobor directly or through a representative.



We produce all the standard products in standard and non standard dimensions, and we specialize in creating non standard products. We also have chemical manufacturing process of preparation of materials, infiltration and wire bars, cold and hot forging, thread rolling, grinding, stamping, milling, turning, thermal treatment, surface protection, galvanization line with new ECO cromiting without Cr (VI), and hot dip galvanizing and phosphate coatings.



We are expanding the total capacity of our facilities to over 200,000 tons per year; the capacity of galvanized zinc plating to 100,000 tons, hot dip galvanizing to 30,000 tons, and heat treatment to 100,000 tons per year. 


In order to ensure long-term targets that with the constant quality of our products and with fulfillment of the requirements and expectations of customers we have distributed to the regions field commercials that are available from the related telephone numbers;


Balatinac Darko (Commercial agent independent for Slavonia area) - 385 (98) 216 351

Robertino Kučić (Commercial agent Specialist for the region of Rijeka - Istria - Lika) - 385 (99) 312 6541

Pukšec Dubravko (Commercial agent independent for central Croatia) - 385 (98) 399 002

Stipić Robert (Commercial agent Specialist for Dalmatia area) - 385 (98) 373 029




General information:

Name: DIV Ltd.

Headquarters: Samobor, Bobovica 10A

OIB number: 33890755814

ID number: 3659976

Registered at: Commercial Court in Zagreb, MBS: 080127368

Raiffeisenbank Austria dd Zagreb 2484008-1100228260

Equity capital: 31.103.500,00 kuna paid in full

President of board: Tomislav Debeljak, member of board: Darko Pappo

Supervisory board: Danijela Debeljak - president, V. Debeljak - vice-president, V. Schoch - member

Procurator: Božidar Debeljak


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