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DIV group is an example of the constant long term positive growth achieved in the area of revenue and profit growth. The results are the strategic decisions that management of the initial production of fastener goods company aims and other associated areas from which it is necessary to emphasize the production of parts for the automotive industry, manufacturing parts for agricultural mechanization, production of railway accessories, and many others.


Responding to specific market demands DIV group shows development of new manufacturing processes and new products. All this makes us the market leader in the region, and our business results speak about best achieved success.


DIV group is strongly oriented to the increase exports of its products, which is evident in the increase in revenues from exports. One of the strategic goals of the company in the years to come will be even greater increase in exports in total revenue, which is based on strong activity in increasing production capacity, market-affordable prices of our products and, of course, the expected quality and continuous active marketing and commercial support to the conquest of new customers and markets.

DIV Ltd. take place 369th on the list of 1000 companies in all sectors in 2010. The ranking list was made from company Avidus and criterions for ranking were the total revenue in 2009 year.

According to data obtained from the fine 1000 among the biggest undertakings in 2007. year to total income:


  • DIV company took 445 place by total revenue (compared to 2006. where he occupied the 495th place)
  • DIV company took 386 place per property (compared to 2007. a year where he finished 425th place)
  • 114th by profit compared to earnings
  • 200th by profit in relation to property
  • 11th in the sector of metal and metal products by the total income 


The results of DIV Ltd. by the Institute for Business Research in the Republic of Croatia, rank in the top 500 for 2006.  year


  •  8th company by value in the metal industry
  • 16th by climbing on the list compared to the previous year, the ascent of the 91 seats
  • 104th by profit compared to earnings
  • 108th by profit in relation to property
  • 156th by profit, changes in relation to 2005: 96%
  • 181st by exports
  • 227th by productivity, changes in relation to 2005: 31.5%
  • 252nd by value, rank in 2005: 343
  • 308th by income, changes in relation to 2005: +44%
  • 308th by property
  • 304th by employees, changes in relation to 2005: 11.8%


Five-year trends:

  • 36th by changing the newly values, the average change from 2002. to 2006. year: 78.5%
  • 46th by the change in productivity, the average change from 2002. to 2006. year: 32.9%
  • 26th by changing the profits, the average change from 2002. to 2006. year: 147.2%


2005. year we received the prize "Zlatna kuna" as the most successful company in 2004. year in Zagreb county, and also we were nominated for the same prize at the state level.



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