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Environmental protection


In DIV Ltd. as well as in daughter companies ecological awareness is on very high levels. Health, safety and concern about environmental protection are an integral part of all DIV manufacturing processes. We are conducting regular monitoring of air quality, water and soil in accordance with current legal regulations, instructions and competent inspection services. Results of tests show that the air quality, given the observed pollutants, at all locations on the exceptionally high level.


In addition, we carried out employee training of employees and in the field of protection at work protection from fire and environmental protection. DIV invested much effort and resources in improving environmental protection, but it was necessary to introduce and educate citizens living in the immediate vicinity of our business, which contributed to better mutual communication, awareness of local communities and improvement environmental protection.



Our goals and philosophy at protecting the environment can be classified into several guidelines:


  • preservation of natural resources with economic development that is not a threat to the environment,
  • continuous employee training of workers in order to complete understanding and commitment system of environmental protection,
  • continuous emission monitoring activities, their maintenance in the prescribed limit values, with a constant striving to improve the environmental impact,
  • constant improvement of production by applying high technologies and introducing modern methods of controlling the production process to prevent negative impacts on the environment,
  • transparency and constant communication with the environment, so that the door of DIV company is wide open to public, with the available information about development plans and achievements of the dialogue on the activities that have an immediate impact on the environment.
  • social responsibility to the community, in which we recognizes an equal partner in the implementation of joint programs of sustainable development. 


Our knowledge about sustainable development, preserving the environment and ecology are the starting point of our vision of the company and its direct surroundings and the openness and transparency in order to achieve these goals.


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