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Quality Policy


Goal of DIV d.o.o. fasteners factory is to be within a leading organization of our business activities design, production and wholesale of fastener products, design and production of metal constructions into this region of Europe.

Proposed quality policy could be reached only by QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM and therefore ensure realization of optimal product quality. Commitment for Quality management system upon ISO 9001:2008 standard is only valid approach.
Customer requirements and expectation fulfilling is our major quality criteria. In such a manner we support customer confidence striving to make a reference for future order and by that ensure our place at market.
Within quality products production chain we are not sole link, hence cooperation and partnership with purchaser has particular importance wherewith we provide fulfilling of customer requirements and competitive price.
Quality of products and service is result of coordinated activities of each function and employee into organization. By EDUCATION FOR QUALITY we strain to quality improvements be everyday activities and working culture.
Information on realized quality and expenses on reaching quality is motivating element for employee, and help to management for making proper decisions.
Present results and awards give us support for realization of prescribed goals: quality products, satisfied customers and motivated employees.
Appointed goals could be reached only by systematic and continuous improving of all employees. At that way organization and its employee could most directly influenced to quality of organization, personal quality, and with improvement of organization business success also to private life and our society at all.
Quality is „business“ all of us!

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